Monday, May 25, 2009


DOWNDATES: THE INTRODUCTION: Anyone ever see that movie Atonement? I sure did. And while it turns pretty quickly into a serious and seriously depressing drama, the first 20 minutes or so are frankly hilarious. There’s mistaken identities, a missing letter, people running every which way, and I turn to my special lady friend, and I say, “ This is like an episode of ‘Three’s Company’ set in Edwardian England.” And later that evening, emotionally devastated by the movie, (Spoilers: Sad things happen.) my thoughts turned back to that idea… “Brian,” I say to myself, “Yes, sir?” “Three’s Company would be WAY better in Edwardian England.” “Brilliant as always.”

Hey, TV shows are always getting updates! Updates THEY DON’T NEED. The Avengers? The Mod Squad? Leave it to Goddamned Beaver? These shows don’t need to be brought into the modern day! But to push them back… To see the Avengers in the Elizabethan era, with Francis Walsingham as Mother; to put the Mod Squad in the ‘50s, infiltrating the Jets and Sharks; to present the Cleavers as a typical American family in JAMESTOWN. Ooh, or Roanoke. What happened to the town? I’m looking at young Edward Haskell. So join me, as we go back - and further back.